Family Law

Family Law

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Since starting my practice in 2010, I have developed a passion for family law.  A divorce or paternity action, especially with kids involved, will probably be one of the most stressful periods in your life.  I do all I can to ease that stress by staying up to date on current practices and laws, understanding and discussing a client’s goals, developing strategies to accomplish goals, providing realistic expectations to my clients, and providing an open door for communication. 

Typically, in a divorce, we are looking to resolve the following issues:  custody and parenting schedules; spousal support; child support; and asset/debt divisions.  In a paternity case, we are typically looking to resolve:  custody and parenting time; and child support.  Following the conclusion of a case, circumstances may change such that a modification to custody, parenting time, or child support would be appropriate. 
I firmly believe that the best resolution to a family case is an agreement by the parties that they both feel is fair and reasonable.  This also tends to be the cheapest resolution.  Particularly when children are involved, I believe this result promotes co-parenting and on-going communication, which is in the best interests of the children.  I promote agreements and settlements whenever possible, so long as my client feels comfortable they are entering into a fair agreement and arrangement for their children which is in the children’s best interests. 

Sometimes, agreements are not possible: an opposing party is unreasonable in their expectations of a fair resolution to the case or parents disagree as to what is in their children’s best interests.  In these cases, I am a passionate advocate for my client.  We will develop and execute strategies for litigation of these matters, which typically results in a trial setting.

I offer a free consultation for family law clients.  Please call me to set up a time for us to sit down, discuss your case, and what services I may be able to provide.  If you are considering a divorce, but may not be ready to file yet, I’d be happy to walk you through what the process looks like so that you have the information you need before making any decisions.


family law
Family Law