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Every client is unique, as are your legal concerns, so I place great emphasis in my practice on tailoring my legal services to meet each client’s individual needs.  My goal is to provide each of my clients with attentive, skillful and efficient representation.  I understand the difficult issues clients face as they go through a divorce, or struggle with child custody or support issues. 

Communication with my clients is one of my top priorities.  I make every effort to be available for my clients to help them navigate what can be a confusing and emotional period in their lives.  Each of my clients has direct access to me every day of the week and at any hour.  Urgent legal issues or questions do not limit themselves to the 9-5 work week, so I provide each client with my cell phone number to be used when necessary.  If I am in court, in a client meeting, or otherwise temporarily unavailable, I make every effort to respond to a phone call or email message as soon as it is received.

Don’t wait to contact an attorney, as there are often benefits to obtaining counsel very early in a case.  Whether you are contemplating a divorce or you are having custody issues, you should find an attorney you trust to discuss your options and assist you through the process.  I encourage you to call me to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss how I might be able to assist you with your legal problems.


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